About PARKS at ONE

PARKS at ONE is a series of monthly lunchtime talks which aim to connect the Christian faith with the everyday lives of all those who work on the Cambridge Science, Innovation and Business Parks. 

It's free, there is no need to book and everyone is welcome – whether you a person of faith, curious about the big questions of life, or just interested in finding out more about the Christian faith.

We meet at 1pm in the Trinity Centre conference suite on the Science Park and  finish by 1.35pm allowing you to get on with your working day.

Food and drink can be purchased from the cafe adjacent to the conference suite or you are welcome to bring your own food and eat during the talk.

Next meeting:

Wednesday 12th February 2020, 1pm, Trinity Centre, Cambridge Science Park

What does God think of cryptocurrency?

While faith and in particular the Christian Scriptures have plenty to say about money, we rarely give a second thought to what money actually is. Can faith act as a resource to give a better understanding of the right and wrongs of our existing monetary system - and on those of newer forms of money that have arisen in recent years? 

We were delighted to welcome Dr Guy Brandon to help us explore this topic.

Dr Brandon studied Old Testament theology at Cambridge University. He has worked for the Jubilee Centre, a Cambridge based, faith inspired social research and reform think tank for ten years. He has been actively involved in the digital currency space since early 2014, and has worked with a number of different platforms, companies and initiatives. He is the author of Digitally Remastered which explores the practical and spiritual significance of our technological choices.