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What Does God Think of Cryptocurrency?

Religion as Relationship

Work to Live or Live to Work?
Who Do I Say That I Am?

What is Time?

Natural Disasters and the Challenge to Faith

A fresh look at Genesis 

DNA, Determinism and God

Genetics, God and the future of humanity
The Resurrection - hoax or history?
Finding strength in a world filled with pain

God and the Big Bang

God and the brain

Hope for Christmas

Why work?

What does it mean to be human?

Ethical Entrepreneurship: the way ahead for business?

Good enough for God?

The black dog and the Good Shepherd

The flood in the light of geological findings

Can a scientist believe in miracles?

Faith in the start-up world 

Why I am a scientist and a Christian

Is this baby different?

Who wants to be a millionaire?


Life and death


Can I trust the Bible?

Christians and Muslims: How do we live together?

Why Easter is good news for scientists

No Need for Spin – Jesus is King

Success in an upside down world

Reformation: restoration of desecration?

Does God exist?

Digitally remastered

Being human - in search of identity

Is there anything constant in our ever changing world?

Are We Slaves to our Genes?

Not Enough Evidence?: Why God Hides

The Absurdity of Natural Disasters!

Faithful enterprise

Wonders of the Living World: Biology & belief

The life of Michael Faraday

True freedom

If I could ask God one question...

Live to work or work to live?

Does your view of life make sense of death?

Does religion breed violence?

Where can I find security?

Are all religions the same?

Can you make the Bible mean what you want?

Can a scientist believe in the resurrection?

Why is the world the way it is?: Wonderful yet spoilt

Where is God in natural disasters?

What has faith got to do with the environment?

The Christmas comet

The strangest story Jesus ever told (shrewd manager)

Entrepreneurship & faith

The problem of work

Jesus: not a good man, prophet or miracle worker?

Business ethics

Holy Bible or full of holes?

Can a dead man rise?

A man under orders

What is forgiveness worth?

Can God be good in all the pain?

Medical ethics: who says I can't do what I want?

Is believing worth the gamble?

Science and Faith: friends or foes?

Can a Scientist be a Christian?

What's God got to do with my work

The Sceptic who met Jesus

Does God hate me?

A silent God in a noisy world?

Has science buried God?

Was Jesus an anti-capitalist?

Fears & faith

Why Christmas is worth lying about

As long as it makes you happy

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Dr Amerjit Dulku

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